The Healing Circle- Amanda DiMartini

Get to know the professionals who contribute to the healing circle at Circle on the Square. Get to know Amanda DiMartini!

Amanda DiMartini is an open-minded professional, eager to delve into the intricate interplay of the human mind. Originally hailing from Southern California, she ventured to Missouri over two decades ago for her undergraduate studies, ultimately settling in Central Missouri. Her academic pursuits led her to earn a master’s degree in clinical psychology at Forest University, where she decided to remain.

What drew her to psychology was her innate fascination with the intricacies of human behavior. This interest sparked during her undergraduate years and persisted as she continued her studies, delving deeper into the field.

Specializing primarily in anxiety disorders, she found that individuals grappling with anxiety often possessed a unique energy and drive that could be harnessed to facilitate positive behavioral changes. As her career progressed, she began exploring various facets of wellness, particularly focusing on areas such as sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques to enhance therapeutic efficacy.

Her journey took an intriguing turn when she delved into ketamine-assisted therapy and independently studied transpersonal psychology and psychedelic therapy. Trained in Arizona, she discovered that these modalities could significantly accelerate personal evolution and lead to profound, sustained improvements in individuals’ well-being.

Her approach to ketamine-assisted therapy involved a meticulous process of assessment, preparation, and integration. She conducted thorough interviews to understand her clients’ histories, struggles, and goals before guiding them through sessions where they entered non-ordinary states of consciousness. These experiences often provided profound insights and catalyzed transformative growth, which she then helped her clients integrate into their daily lives through education and positive habit-building.

Despite facing skepticism from some quarters, she remained undeterred, believing in the potential of these unconventional approaches to bring about meaningful change. Her dedication even took her abroad to the Netherlands, where she immersed herself in underground psychedelic research and interdisciplinary studies.

Upon returning to the United States, she seized a unique opportunity in Springfield, Missouri, to further explore and expand her practice. Although she acknowledges the challenges of pioneering such innovative techniques in a non-progressive environment, she remains steadfast in her commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional therapy for the betterment of her client’s lives.

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