Massage, Channel flow, Qigong, Shiatsu, Qi Balancing, Reiki, Integrative Therapy, Trauma Release and more!

Circle on the Square offers one-on-one bodywork and massage techniques for therapeutic benefits, which are provided onsite by Candace Faith Fruge. As a licensed massage therapist, Candace uses physical manipulation and lighter forms of energy work to help clients liberate themselves from restrictive patterns, release tension held in the body, and find true-body alignment.

Give your physical form a new life by freeing yourself from pain, enhancing and increasing functional movement, heightening your body-mind consciousness, and bringing a vibrant spirit back to your lifestyle!

Practices include Shiatsu, Qi Balancing, Reiki, Integrative Therapy, Trauma Release, and much more! We personalize your experience based on your individual needs, selecting the process that best fits your main objectives.

Learn more about types of bodywork, massage, & energy work offered at Circle on the Square:

Massage & Meridian Stretches

Hectic, busy lifestyles often leave us working in   offices or work spaces for long hours of the   day, continually using our minds, but with   prolonged inactivity of the body and core muscles. To address this common problem, massage and stretching enables all facets of the body to return to their natural state by attending to muscle spasms or knots within fibrous muscle tissue. Our Thai Massage technique, with roots in the Ayurvedic tradition, focuses on increasing flexibility and giving the joints a greater range of motion by applying continual pulses of rhythmic force. It can also rid the body of unhelpful, toxic forms of energy by massaging sen lines or points. Improve your blood circulation with spinal twists! Support digestive function or lymphatic system. This type of massage is perfect for those individuals looking for a passive, gentle activity to improve function and their overall physical physique.


This bodywork, incorporating dynamic and healing holds through focus on key points of the body, is made for all ages and humans at any life stage. First developed in Japan, is rooted in Traditional Chinese medicine and also integrates Five-Element assessment and balancing. Looking to improve your health and well-being? We give you the proper resources to encourage self-rejuvenation and promote the natural homeostatic abilities of the body and mind. Using thumb, finger, and palm pressure, Shiatsu can be administered firmly on the body and support energy circulation within the autonomic nervous system to repair and restore past injuries, while maintaining and encouraging harmony among all systems (including the lymphatic and endocrine systems).

Qi Balancing

A facet of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, Qi Balancing has been incorporated in spiritual practices for over hundreds of years. Our massage techniques at Circle on the Square foster qi, which is also known as life energy, and encourage the balancing of both the feminine yin and the masculine yang. We look for key deficiencies that occur due to nutritional imbalances, chronic illness, or bodily injury, attempting to elevate levels of qi for optimal support and disease prevention. Methods of Qi Balancing include acupressure, cupping, herbal medications, diet exploration through structured meal planning, moxibustion, Qigong, and Tai Chi.


With focus on mental and physical healing, Reiki uses Japanese-inspired practices to give the client a new perspective and is a form of energy work. In Japanese, the first part of the term “Rei” is defined as universal life or endless being, while “Ki” translates to flowing energy. All of our techniques focus on bringing individuals back in contact with themselves through soft touch and hand suspension over the body by our certified practitioner, Candace Faith Fruge. With energy work, healing and balance is possible, and the cure for all types of distress or insecurity are located within.

Reiki helps to fortify our energy sources for self-healing, increase vibrational frequencies, and open physical, emotional, or mental blockages, so that they are both accessible to us and can flow freely. At Circle on the Square, we listen to your specific concerns, map out your session goals, and respect all pre-established, personal boundaries. All Reiki Therapy is done on ether a massage table or comfortable, flat pallet where clients are asked to attend all sessions in loose-fitting attire for maximum relaxation and comfort. As an alternative medicine and spiritual practice, it is a great complement to all traditional medical therapies.

Integrative Therapy

Using a holistic approach, mind-body-soul integrative therapy looks to help clients address their obstacles or problems from a multifaceted viewpoint. Our entire beings are intricately connected, where our wholeness is derived from our physicality, emotionality, and spirituality. A chain of cause and effect occurs when parts of our self and experience are intricately intertwined with one another. In holistic techniques, we aim to help you recover fully from recent or long-term trauma by addressing these core elements on a session-by-session basis.

We start with the body, where imbalances can occur in the nervous system, skeletal system, muscular system, and even within specific networks of organs. We teach the potential and ability of the body to both self-regulate and maintain itself, even in the face of powerful biological and environmental stressors. Cleanse and heal the physical body’s toxic byproducts through an array of comprehensive therapies.

Next, we elevate the mind to greater awareness and understanding by looking at its cognitive processes and the feelings that develop over time. We separate beliefs from emotions with focus on the power of imagination and creativity in developing a new mindset, as well as compensate for negative thought patterns through interactive therapies that move from your narrative of the past to the promising future.

Lastly, the soul and spirit is given attention to promote insight into one’s core source of strength and energy. Attaching to a creator, an unmanifested being, or some type of energy among us, can assist in helping us find our true, necessary purpose in the world. Learn more about how values and spiritual connections define one’s lifestyle, path, and process throughout existence. The seven chakra centers throughout the body make up our total field of energy. By unblocking and unlocking these sources of vitality, one can create positive wellbeing and happiness.

To reach a point of true expression and serenity, holistic and integrative treatments give the complex individual a full means of support, fulfillment, and growth from the inside and out.

Trauma Release

Tension and trauma releasing exercises give the body the ability to heal and recuperate after traumatic episodes or periods of heightened stress. By performing a series of shakes and vibrations in direct contact with the body, muscle tightness can be defused and anxiety-related conditions managed, promoting greater quality of life and minimizing symptomatic discomfort. By unraveling the tension found deep within the muscles, clients can find greater tranquility, peace, and stability in a supportive and secure atmosphere.

Crystals and Rocks

We now provide guests at Circle on the Square with access to some of mother nature’s beautiful gifts, which have been wrapped with peace, love, healing, bliss, and blessings.  They are handcrafted with focus on the client’s individual needs and their spirit’s true calling. We use a mutual energetic process for alignment and integration of mind, body, and spirit. Candace Faith has over 28 years of experience in MindBodySpirit healing and balancing, Qigong, and spiritual alchemy. We would love to connect with you on this beautiful journey, and to share our love for rocks and minerals. Our services are available by both appointment and at local events in the Springfield area.

For more information on these services or other classes available at the center, you can use the Circle on the Square contact form and number. You may also reach Candace by phone at 417-569-2494 via text message. We have some wonderful opportunities for our clients, and look forward to hearing from you!

 Candace Faith Frugé

Candace is an Asian Bodywork Therapist, specializing in Shiatsu, Acupressure, Qi Meridian, and Chakra Balancing. She has over 30 years experience working with chronic and acute pain, trauma, general wellbeing, and optimum personal and professional performance. You can see more information about her counseling and integrative approach on the counseling page. Text 417-569-2494 to speak with Candace and book your appointment now!