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The Ultima Zone Experience Coming to the Circle July 30th!

MATT VENUTI is an award-winning multi-
instrumentalist composer/performer and music video artist who is known for introducing rare and expressive acoustic and electronic instruments to the world through his concerts and videos.

Matt’s innovative music career was launched and cultivated
in San Francisco and he’s toured throughout the country
for many years as a solo artist .

In 2019 Matt was Artist in Residence in both the Everglades
and Shenandoah National Park and has been the featured
performer at multiple TED and TEDx Conferences. Two of Matt’s albums charted in the top 10 of the College Media Journal and Zone Music Reporter.

A resourceful live performer, Matt offers electro-acoustic
“sound immersion” concerts but is also known as a singer-
songwriter and band-leader who has played on numerous
national stages and high-profile events.

He’s also an educator and has performed workshops,
seminars and special classes from elementary through
university levels. Matt has even been a favorite for performing in correctional facilities as his music is known to have a powerful and soothing effect on his audiences.

Stay tuned for more info and Early Bird special tickets!